Planned Pedanthood Planning

I seem to hit great stretches of time when I can’t finish writing.

typewriterAs a professional gadabout, my life simply involves too many things that compete for my attention. Theatre. My dog. My amateur art attempts. My husband. Reading. My sons. And in summer, the lure of my garden.

Until I get a better speech to text program this means the writing stops when the other things begin, because I can’t take my writing with me.

But as my friends can attest to, I do find time to go on long winded soap box soliloquys on Facebook. These  don’t have embedded links to back up my assertions like I try to  have in a good blog. Still, they allow me to play with words. I love words.

I’ve decided they are appropriately categorized as miniature versions of  my pedant wordplay, and as such belong here.

So consider this warning. Mini blogs full of wordy goodness are coming. Great wordplay, less citing… right after I get through the Folk Fest Weekend.


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